Stage Two in Fragrance Obsession


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Dec 15, 2016
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Stage one: I'm going to make natural soap with essential oils!

Except many affordable EOs smell gross. Of the remainder, a few stick. Blend, blend, aha! A good scent! I can do this! Weeks go by, failure after failure before another aha!

Stage two: Ok, maybe not all natural soap. Add a few aroma chemicals?

I am heading toward stage two. I've been eyeballing some floral waxes and aroma chemicals - any links to sources and info, or a good book, greatly appreciated. Before I move on to stage three (FOs) I want to try blending my own fragrances. (Before I started soaping I thought soapers created their own fragrances, apprentacing to crafters with secret knowledge passed from generation to generation... I have an overactive imagination.)

I will still be playing around in stage one, so any help there is appreciated too! I am on the brink of a fresh cut grass scent, which I know won't stick but I might put in a soap for the brief joy of it anyway.
Someone on the forum mentioned a blend of bergamot and petitgrain smelling like fresh parsley (it didn't quite to my nose, but with the power of suggestion it works). I would love to hear of other odd dupes y'all have stumbled on. Thanks!