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May 6, 2015
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We've seen this guy a few times hanging around the bird feeders. I think it's ok to be distracted by this one.

Wow! Cool beans! I've never seen an albino squirrel before!

IrishLass :)

Me either!! Totally awesome.

I'm actually surprised he hasn't been scooped up by a hawk or an owl yet. I would think he would really stand out to a predator.

EXACTLY!! Lucky little thing. Since I bought my house, I refer to squirrels as "rats with fuzzy tails." However, I would make an exception for this one.
OH! He/she is fantastic! We have black squirrels at my house. They eat the black walnuts and it turns the from grey to black. I can try to get a picture to share.
We have white squirrels, too. They are not albinos, though (no pink eyes). They are actually a color variant of squirrels. When I first moved here, taking photographs of white squirrels and cardinals was so much fun, as I had never seen either of these critters before.

Here is more information about white squirrels. And this has a map of locations where they are often seen.

In the snow they blend right in and you barely even notice them.
Dibbles, what a great shot of your visitor! I've seen black squirrels and red squirrels and of course, the legions of gray ones that visit my yard, thanks to an enormous oak tree with an endless supply of acorns, but I never knew that there were white squirrels that aren't albinos. On the link that Earlene posted, it seems that my area here in the northeast is a hotbed of white squirrel activity, so I'm going to have to keep my eyes open. Thanks for this heads up! :)
Little tree rat wouldn't live long out in these woods.
Too many other critters that like squirrel for dinner. Owls, hawks, raccoons, fox etc... also live here.

Cute little guy though.

Which is exactly why I am surprised he is still around. We live in a wooded, marshy area, and have all of the above predictors, as well as the occasional coyote. Just saw him again yesterday, so he's either lucky or smarter than the average squirrel. I am guessing lucky.