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Sep 19, 2011
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Southern California
Does anyone make a spray body milk type lotion. Not one using actual milk. I cannot get the emulsifier I was using for mine and looking for another very light emulsifier that will work with 90+ % water. Olivem LV Flex by Hallstar works fantastic, but I would have to purchase 40 lbs and they have yet to determine the cost. Unfortunately I am sure it will be expensive.

I have used Olivem 1000 with success using 85% water, but it is not quite thin enough to spray. After reading about problems people have with Olivem 1000 I am leary to use it with higher liquid. Mine is 2 weeks old and so far no separation. Even Susan at Swift Crafty Monkey has a problem with Olivem 1000. Anyone use it with success with <10 oils?