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Jul 24, 2014
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Encinitas, CA
Hey guys,

Planning on my first beer soap making attempt, will be using near-beer. My question: I was thinking of letting it get flat, boiling to reduce by about 50%, and then using the split method to try and avoid some of the lye issues. So would use half of my regular liquid (aloe juice) for the lye, and add the other half as the beer reduction to the oils or at emulsification.

Has anyone tried this, and if so, any thoughts on the results?
That should work. Remember you need at least an equal amount of liquid to lye in order for the lye to dissolve. I use aloe juice almost all the time and then add several ounces of milk to the oils. I do make sure to stick blend the oils, milks, and other additives before I pour the lye in.
Its… fun. Really gets your heart racing. But then again I’m lazy and use wine straight out of the bottle and risk it. I know I shouldn’t. This way seems like it would take a lot of the stress out of using alcohol in soap.