Speckles in liquid colorant?

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Mar 26, 2015
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I did a search but didn't find anything pertaining to this.

I did a batch of soap today and colored it with liquid colorant (oxide).

I do HP, and the part I colored was separated from the rest. I had to whip it with a spatula for a LONG time to get it to not look speckled. Then I incorporated it into the rest of the soap and the final result - the colored part looks whipped inside the bars; it's weird! And it's still speckled!

I haven't loved working with liquid colorant so far and just got some powdered pigment in the mail today. Do you think I will like working with these better? Do they have the same issues?

Thanks so much; I appreciate all the feedback I get on the forums!

(edited to add: oops - I did find some conversation about it just now when I used google to search, but it's not letting me delete this)
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The yellow liquid colourant I have has this problem (I think it is an oxide). I think it contains titanium dioxide which doesn't dissolve properly and forms clumps. I have always had more success with powdered micas and oxides. I often mix them with oil before adding them to the batter which really helps with clumping. Other people use glycerine for the same purpose.
I just made a batch using powder pigment/oxide, and it was SO much easier. I just mixed it with a bit of oil, with a spoon and it blended perfectly smoothly with very little effort. I think I will definitely stick to the powders! Thanks!
I actually went to a few stores today looking for one, with no luck. So I decided to just do it without one and see how it went and it was fine. No clumps at all, and it mixed so smoothly.

And I got my soap cutter in the mail today! Yay! It seems like with every loaf, we get about 3 or 4 bars that I manage to cut ok and the rest are shaped like V's. Very excited to have a mitre box!