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Nov 13, 2007
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East Berlin, PA
I've made a bunch of GM soap and i was thinking...hey what about soy milk!?!?! I didn't see any real mention of it in any posts. Anyone ever give it a try?

I made a batch of soy milk yesterday and saved a bottle before i sweetened it for making soap so I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow morning! I wish I had a big enough block of time today!!!
Due to inclement weather i got to stay home and make soap! so far soy milk looks pretty similar to goat milk. i used an ice bath to make it. so now its wait and see!
oh do let us know !!!!

What a great alternative for a true vegan soap, for those that believe that even milk is not being vegan. (i know i worded that goofy)

lol wish you posted this months ago when i tried out get rid of dairy in my sons diet to test for allergies, and I bought a big carton of soy milk and he wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. I ended up throwing it out cause no one in the family would drink soy*milk brand soy milk.
i know that there are some that use soy or rice milk in thier soaps, i don't think it will do much. might add a silkyness to the bar, but it's the fat in the goats, cream or cows milk that does what it does, and soy doesn't have hardly any fat. rice milk has natural sugar so it could boost your bubbles.
my bad, changed a few wordings here. :oops:

ok just went and read the label on a container of rice milk i have here ( little grandson is allergic to milk and will not drink soy but does drink rice milk).
he preferes the rice milk because it is sweeter. has something to due with the way it's processed that gives it the natural sugar, breaks the carbs down or something along those lines. plus some brands due have artifical sweetners added.

me sorry i don't like either one. ( where's that vomiting emoticon when you need it )
lol wish you posted this months ago when i tried out get rid of dairy in my sons diet to test for allergies, and I bought a big carton of soy milk and he wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. I ended up throwing it out cause no one in the family would drink soy*milk brand soy milk.

not all soy milk is created alike, some taste way better. i drank soy milk in college (partly because i liked it and partly because i know my roomate wouldn't touch it!) and i swear it was called "sun soy". so i quit drinking soymilk for a while and when i went back to drinking it couldn't find this brand anywhere! i know i am not did exist! but it was the best ever, it was creamy and delicious like whole milk. we started drinking a lot of soymilk and were tired of paying a boatload per half gallon so we bought a soy milk maker. organic beans are like .89/lb. but anyway, back to a point i was trying to make, someone told me walmart brand soy milk was their favorite. (yeah, walmart, who knew)

[/quote]it has natural sugar so it should boost your bubbles
i didn't know it had natural does have a little fat. not nearly as much as goat's milk. i am testing it with a bar that my mom said was "a little drying" to if the soy has any effect.
okay, seeing my last post, those quotes are not quite right....i feel like a dummy because i can't work them! :oops:

how do you get it to say "so and so said" and then the quote???
So i wasn't the only one who had problems with a college room mate.

LOL I had a fun one who thought it was more fun to enjoy the 'food' I bought for the weekends and whatnot rather than get her own job to pay for her own goodies. I went to school full time and worked evenings and weekends at a group home for the developmentally disabled full time. So least to say i was very busy.

I also had a fridge she didn't. But I let her share the fridge just because I was nice. But I got sick of her digging into my stash of food. So I made a special batch of cookies and left them in our room. Knowing she would consume quite a few of them. But I should also mention that the store was suddenly out of chocolate chips and I had to stock up on ex-lax. Least to say she never said a word about my cookies and she never ever touched anything of mine after that.

And back in that day our dorm also had a main phone on the floor rather than ones in each of the rooms. But the rooms all had connections for phones. So because of my job i needed a direct phone line so I paid for that out of my pocket. And if i had a dime for every moment i caught her on it or someone else on it i'd be rich. The main plug was in the entryway between two rooms (two rooms shared a closet and a bathroom and two girls to a room) I had to ducktape the phone plug into the jack so no one would tamper with it and run my phone bill up.
And they had done just that which was why i got a big roll of duct tape.

Wonder why their parents didn't teach them better manners.
i think its good to live with at least one crazy roomate in your life, builds character! :wink:

i think i have to call it quits for the day, i've made three batches of soap and i think i figured out how to make whipped shea the right consistency...but i just want to make one more batch of soap...i am addicted.
Soy milk soap update!

i've used the bar and my official verdict IS.....................It's OK. :) It seems to add a little something, but not much to write home about. the lather was a little creamier. however, i've only used it a couple of times (i have too many bars in the shower to choose from!). From what i've read soy protein is supposed to be pretty good for your skin.