Sorbitol in liquid form - how much to use ?

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Jan 13, 2021
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Perth; Western Australia
Hello all you lovely people,

I've been interested in some posts about sorbitol . I have read Kenna's posts as well.
Trying to source it, and can only find in liquid form at a good price.
One poster mentioned used 2% of total batch weight.
Can anyone please confirm useage rates?
Please advise how and when you add it in.

Thank you so much.
I use the powdered form (purchased from Amazon) at 1% of oil weight. I dissolve it in some of my batch water.

If you can only find it as a liquid solution, you need to check the concentration and then do some math to figure out how much of the solution to use. For instance, if you have a 50% solution, you’d have to use that at 2% of oil weight to get the same amount of sorbitol that I get from using the powder at 1%. Hopefully that makes sense. 🤪
Thank you so much both of you.

@ AliOop, the concentration is not available online, I'll need to call the supplier. Thank you so much for your information.

It appears that some have used 5% of total oil weight, as per link shared by Isg - no concentration specified.
Yes, some people use quite a bit more. I am cheap like to be cost-effective, so I use the least amount needed to get the level of bubbles that I want.

My typical soap recipe has about 20% CO (or CO+PKO blend), plus 5% castor. Starting from there, I only need to use sorbitol at 1% of total oil weight to get really nice bubbles. If you use less (or more) of the bubble-making/bubble-supporting oils, or if you prefer more or less bubbles than I do, then you might use a different percent of sorbitol than I would.

The liquid sorbitol solutions that I've seen have always been 60%, but I'm in the US, so I don't want to assume you would have the same there in Oz. Hopefully your supplier responds soon, and hopefully they use 50% to make the math ever so much easier!! 😁
Thank you AliOop.
I found out, it’s 70% so I’ll need to calculate.
Mine is 15% co; 5 each of PKO and castor.

So maybe I’ll try 2% of total oil weight and see how it goes, or I’ll calculate.
Just too busy atm to do the math offhand.

Thank you so much for your advice.

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