Some people just make me want to cry...

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Driving home from our garden last night there was a little dog wondering around in the road. My brother picked her up and she is just adorable, but in bad shape. She was searching for her owners and a neighbor said they thought somebody had dumped her. Ya know, even if we can find her owners, I don't want them to have her. She had mange, fleas, and worms and we think she's pregnant. Why do people do that? She is a beautiful Penkpoo and is so sweet. If you put your hand over her head to pet her, she'll rise up to meet it. We gave her a bath, pur front-line on her and wormed her. The worst part is, that the other people on the road were just driving right past her.
awwwww...that was nice of you! I always try to help animals like that !... do you deworm a dog?? can you do it with household concotions or do you need to buy something?
That was so nice of you guys. 8) Some people should not be allowed to have pets. :x
Your life will be rewarded for this act of humanity toward this little girl. :)


Paul :wink:
My cat I found at a gas station living in a wiper washer bucket. She was all messed up in the head from drinking washer fluid and people were actually spitting on her!!! :cry: I took her home and cleaned her up and she is the goofiest, most playful cat ever!! I swear she has the memory of a goldfish, she's over 6yrs old and STILL thinks she is a kitten! Super playful, like a puppy and the kids love it!
I feel like we've already been rewarded! She is amazing! She knows how to sit, shake hands, walk on a leash, come, and is house broken! I feel like somebody loved her, but didn't know how to take care of her. She isn't skinny, but she has those other problems. She keeps trying to escape from the kitchen and sit on the couch. We're just waiting until the fleas are gone to let her in there. I do think that shes had a aversion to feet, though. She tried to escape and I held out my foot to stop her and she flinched.

We deworm the dogs with a chemical wormer called Ivomec. Its an off label dose (ivomec is for cows), but its the same stuff as Heart Guard for dogs. One 100ml bottle of Ivomec costs the same as 1 dose of HG. You can worm the dog with ivomec until the dog dies of old age and still have some left over. You can use herbal things too, but this is a more immediate treatment.
Wow that is some story. I always get upset when I hear about people kicking animals to death and torturing them. I beyond hate people that do that and I rarely hate anyone.
I'm a animal lover also. People that miss treat animals make me very, very upset. I have some freinds accross the ally. they have four dogs in a little tiny pen out side. One of them had 5 cute puppys. The mommy dogs came over to get grandma (me) right after she had them, So grandma could see them. Everything was fine at first, but when the puppies got to be 4 weeks old they kicked them out of the house. Everyone on the block was getting them out of the street, etc. Everytime I got them out of the street I would bring them in and give them a bath an feed them, call my friends to come an get them. The last time I kept them in the house to see how long it would be before they noticed they where gone. One of there girls came over to grandma's for something 5 hours later an see they were here. They propably wouldn't have noticed they where gone. If it had not been for that. (the first time I gave them a bath the fleas where eatting them alive they had sore and scabs all over. So I bathed them good in my homemade pet shampoo, and put homemade vaseline on the scrabs and sores I couldn't get off to soften them. They finally sold the puppies, Thank god I hope they all got great homes. The mommy dog still runs all over the neighborhood. And everyone the block is getting tired of it. I would keep her I have three chihuahua's of my own. Now they get tired of me calling them because sbes over here or laying out here in the middle of the street. I am always yelling at them about it. They think it's funny. I don't.
call the spca, in 10 minutes theyll probably confiscate the dog....especially with the whole neighborhood against them...

ever seen that show animal cops on animal planet??
Ya I watch it all the time my little male chihuahua likes watching it. But we don't have a ASPCA here. And the city knows about it and is not doing anything either. It really sucks.
that suuuucks....why dont you call animal control?? tell them that there is a dog that is running around the neighborhood and growling at people or like im scared for my childrens lives (even if you dont have any ;) )... then theyll come out, get the dog(s) and take them in (only to learn that theyre not all hostile but really chill and were just being neglected!!!...)
Animal control has not done anything they set out here all the time an see the dog. It really sucks the Humane soceity will not do anything either. Believe me I have tried everything.
daaaaaaaaarn.... hmmm..

Id just get the dog one day, then drive somewhere a few towns over and see if they have a aspca or a humane society or whatever, theres got to be one somewhere near you...theyre all over the place!

I feel bad for the dog...i hate when people buy pets and dont take care of them..
We have a humane society here, but they said they can't do anything about it. The closest ASPCA is hours away from us. I am trying to find her a good home. Even though shes not my dog. We try an take care of her so she doesn't get hurt. But we can only do so much. I hope I can find her a good home before something happens to her. We are trying as hard as we can to find her a home. Even though she's not our dog. And she knows that grandma loves her and does the best she can for her. But finding a good home for her is turned out to be a challenge. But I know I will in time. I just hope nothing happens to her before then.

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