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Apr 17, 2014
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New England
My order from the recent sale at WSP arrived yesterday, and three of them are new to me. Spa Tonic was a restock for me, and sadly, Nag Champa was out of stock. One of the new ones I tried is Cedar Bean. To me, it's faint oob. I can't say cedary. It's woodsy and clean. Not unpleasant, but it doesn't knock my socks off. The next is Cardamom True Sugar. I ordered this, because I love the smell of cardamom. Not sure if I gave a lot of thought to the idea of cardamom scented soap. It really does smell like cardamom, not getting any sugary/sweet notes, though. After smelling it, I'm thinking it may be nicer in a blend. Maybe honey, or orange. Anyone tried any successful blends with this one? The last is Burmese Woods. Finally, one that I love! This one is supposed to be "Exotic, warm blend of cedar, patchouli, amber and musk", and while I can't pick out any of the individual components, this one smells warm and woodsy and wonderful to me.