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Sep 12, 2007
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I am hoping some of you who have experience working with liquid soaps or who has some knowledge in liquid soaps can help me out with some questions.

I noticed some liquid soaps have 30% or more coconut oil. Does this make the soap harsh just like bar soaps? Does it make liquid soaps less watery? (I assume some of it has to do with oils chosen as well as how much water was used at dilution.)

I noticed many liquid soap recipes use sunflower oil vs olive oil. Is there a reason for such a noticeable switch in materials? Somehow (brainwashed I suppose) seeing olive oil as an ingredient looks more impressive than sunflower oil. Is it because of cost?

Is there a specific hard oil to soft oil ratio with liquid soap? I would think not, but figure I ask anyways.

Does anyone know if Aloe Juice has a problem with HP? Would it kill all the goodness?

I know this place to be a lot more friendlier than another forum I visited, so I will try my luck here.

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