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Dec 21, 2006
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OK, I am now intrigued w/ solid scrubs. Can anyone point me to a basic recipe? I have been surfing but don't see anything that catches my eye.
OK, I am just going to make something up along the lines of 2 parts dry ingredients (sugar/salt/oats/etc) & 1 part wet ingredients (oil/butter/wax).

pour into molds
pop out

How does that sound?

I am really thinking about making up a batch of lip balm & saturating it w/ sugar & seeing how that goes. From there I can tweak it.
I tried this just the other day, it didn't work very well. The scrub was OK, but it disappeared too fast. All I can say is don't forget the wax...

I just took a scrub recipe that I liked and subbed out any liqiud oils with butters or oils that are solid at summertime room temp - shea butter, cocoa butter, palm kernel oil. I also used...hang on I'll just post the recipe. Bear in mind that it is a first draft and I'm not happy with it, but some ideas would be nice.

25% cocoa butter (solid at room temp)
7% palm kernel oil (solid at room temp)
4% shea butter (solid at room temp)
1% stearic acid (thickener)
1.5% emulsifying wax (I don't like really oily scrubs in the shower)
2.5% conditioning emulsifyer (as above)
7% SLSA (I like some foam - just my opinion)
0.5% Optiphen + (just in case - it's going to be sitting in the shower)
50% fine sea salt (scrubby)

So, you will notice the glaring error - no beeswax, therefore a 200g bar disappeared in one shower.

It was OK, but miles of room for improvement.
Hey Zenobiah, nice to see you!!

I don't know if this is everyone else's idea of a solid scrub, but I see it kind of like a lotion bar with scrubbies that you would take in the shower.
Hi everyone:

I have been working on a solid scrub bar for like for EVAH. This the recipe I began with, so feel free to tweak

30% cocoa butter
13% shea buttah
55% sugar.
2% e-wax.

This holds together pretty well and lasts a bit. There is no FO factored into the recipe, so you'll have to knock down on the shea butter to get in your FO.

I don't color it either, although if I did, I would use lip balm colors.

I added beeswax at one point, to make it harder, but it left a greasy film on the skin. (This is because I forgot to increase the e wax).

But, I'm still fiddling with the recipe, so feel free to take my percentages and fiddle at will.
neo, looks liek you are doing almost a 50 wet, 50 dry.

I have seen anywhere from 50wet/50dry to 33wet/66 dry. I guess I will just have to play w/i.

Do you like how yours came out?
Tabitha said:
neo, looks liek you are doing almost a 50 wet, 50 dry.

I have seen anywhere from 50wet/50dry to 33wet/66 dry. I guess I will just have to play w/i.

Do you like how yours came out?

I do and I don't. I wish it were a little harder, but I don't really want to mess with beeswax right at this moment. Also, I got the idea from this bar ... category=1, which does not indicate there is any beeswax used.

If I change anything, I will up the cocoa butter to try to make it harder.
Becky, it looks like yours is 50/50 too! Guess I better start like that.

I agree soulsister, beeswax is a pain!
I am interested in this. I have never heard of this type of bar before. Please update us on how it goes!
ooooooh. I'm going to try this.. I'm thinking it would be a nice addition to an assorted flavors candy box. Two solid scrubs, two solid lotions and two bath bombs. Packaged in a candy box.. each item intended for single use of course.
I have a scrub that is pretty solid, although I package it in jars... I'm using about 66-33. No wax.