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Aug 7, 2008
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Philadelphia, PA
I got my order from Scent Works. 4oz Berry Blast, 4oz Vanilla Pear & 8oz Rosemary Mint. See my opinions on these scents below.

My soap is biodiesel glycerin, from non hydrogenated soy oil. The I made the soap 2 weeks prior, melted in on the stove and added the scent. I added about 1 to 1.5 ounces to a gallon of soap. Except for the rosemary mint, it foamed up when I added the scent to liquid soap. I then poured it into molds but it never got hard. After a week it's gotten a little more firm but still feels spongy under the outer layer.

The rosemary mint did not seem effected.

Berry Blast came out smelling very strong, perhaps too strong. Vanilla pear has a much more subtle scent so even if I added too much, I don't think the scent would over power.

I thought I was being very conservative with these scents, but it looks like I need to get out a syringe to more accurately measure there quantity and use a lot less. Oral syringe's are available at most drug & grocery stores for ~$3 each, and have a 10ml capacity.

Opinion on scents; My sense of smell is weak (severely deviated septum) so I passed these scents around my office to see what everyone thought. It was pretty unanimous.... the women liked vanilla pear because it smelled "clean" and the men liked berry blast. Both liked them all with Rosemary Mint being in the middle. It smells mostly like rosemary and little of mint. It's my personal favorite.