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Jul 11, 2015
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I received a box today from a fellow soaper and I gotta say, you guys just blow me away with your kindness. I've belonged to a boatload of hobby related groups over the years, and I have never encountered such an overall generous and kind group as this.

You share your knowledge freely, your time without complaint, and your expertise without reservation. You help newbies like me figure out how to soap without blowing up our kitchens. You help us learn how to make soap with makeshift tools and seriously limited supplies, and then encourage us to keep trying by helping us see the prettiness in even the funkiest looking of our attempts.

And as if that's not enough, you reach out personally and offer to share leftover supplies or tools that are collecting dust because they're no longer useful to you, or no longer suit your soaping style.

If not for the kindness of some of you, some of us would still be making soap in barely functional molds, with no scents at all, and no chance to experiment with additives and expand our soapy horizons.

So I dub all of you Soapy Angels... because you truly do embrace the concept of pay it forward and generosity :)

Big huge hugs to the ladies who have recently been my soapy angels.... there will be goodies heading along the return path to say thank you and just because :)
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I also totally agree and couldn't have said it better myself! I appreciate the patient sharing of knowledge, support and encouragement you all show to us newbies.
Here here gigisiguenza!! Irish Lass was such a help with kind words when I started....along with several others. And a tribute to some names I no longer see Hazel! :-D