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These are some horrible pictures. But this is some soap pics wrapped and booth pics






Looks great! So I'm curious... what kind of scent is "Fatal Guilt"? What an eye-catching name!

WOW! Smell, your presentation is tight! Very nice!

"Fatal Guilt" is Chocolate Espresso (It's on her site!) :D
Thanks all! Yeah... Alot of people pick up Fatal Guilt because of the name LOL..

But I cant sell chocolate soap for nothing in the world...

It may be discontinued next year.
****, that was one heck of a banner! The packaging is awesome too....
Is that you in the green shirt? I have always pictured you with a Farah Fauset type hair-doo :shock: .
DANG Girl!!!! That looks FABULOUS!!!. I really like the packaging and the Banner. I'm with dragonfly on this one. No wonder people think you're big business. Awesome job. 8)
Shannan, I've been too darn busy!!! I'm sorry I have missed these until now! Great looking booth, fantastic looking soaps! I see now why you were floored when I thought you used soap boxes! Great job, well done Shannan 8) 8) :!:

I need to look more, 8) the end.....

Paul.... :) :wink:
Wow! They look like works of art! Do you have a bar cut up as samples for each of them?

In a while (after we move) I will start making soap and B&B to sell too. I hope by then I will have packaging that is as original and beautiful as yours (nope, will NOT copy you! :lol: )

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