Soapmaking Friend - Part 4

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    blue.jpg blue.jpg Today I started adding suppliers, purchases and creating batches to test how this works.
    I found a few problems.

    1. Cannot find a list of purchases that can be edited. I entered supplies, including babassu oil, but when this saved somehow it saved as Avocado oil, possibly my error but not certain of that. I found a list of supplies that I can edit quanties, but when I try to enter Zero for the avocado oil, as I do not use it, it will not save any changes to qty. The quantities need to be editable, to allow for inventory supply wastage etc.
    2. Cannot find a way to open a purchase to edit the price of ingredients, maybe this can be done when the next purchase is made, but as a professional bookkeeper, I always double check my costings and cannot simply trust that this is giving correct figures, not at this stage of the new program.
    3. When creating my batch to read through, checking pricing, the additives are not calculating quantities used or prices, see pic.
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