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Is anyone going? I was thinking about going... Just to see how its all done each year..
But I have no one to go with LOL
Hi there. I'm new to the forum and yes, I am going to the conference! I've been soaping for almost 2 years and am laying the groundwork for starting a business. Has anyone gone before? I'm looking forward to learning a lot.

I have not been before, been wanting to go to one. Since it is my industry. Just curious about what goes on.
Take heart Phillip, we'll be staying at the New England Culinary Institute and that alone might be worth it!
Will it be snowing then? I didnt think about that.. I am so not a snow person.. :roll:
Smellit: Most likely, although with New England you never know. I'm leaning toward cold and snowy though. Don't worry, I doubt we'll be out much, we'll be too busy!