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Aug 28, 2007
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Does anyone have any tips or suggestions to share on using soapmaker pro also what is the easiest way to figure specific gravity and how important is it Thanks


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Mar 16, 2007
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Queensland, Australia
Hi Nineset. I replied to your PM, but I also thought I'd answer your post, for anyone else who was interested.

As for the specific gravity calculations, this is a function that I haven't used as of yet. However, if you go to the Help menu & select 'contents & index', then search by 'specific' it will give you a little tutorial on how to work it out.

As for any other tips....
- keep your inventory up-to-date as you recieve stock, that way you know that your pricing is always correct.
- Put ALL your stock into the inventory, including containers etc. Again this will help both inventory control & pricing.
- My favorite way of working on new soap recipes is to enter by % instead of weight. (uncheck the 'lock' button underneath the % column). Once you have a blend of oils that you are happy with, then worry about weights.
- Enter your molds by going to 'Edit', then to molds. Again, the help index will have the formulas you need to work out your mold volume. Once you have your mold information saved, you can then use the 'resize' function. Resising your recipe this way will recalculate not only oils, water & lye, but will recalculate your additive amounts also.
- When entering additives, I use the comments field to note things like where I got that particular item, the description of it, if it is a fragrance, etc.
- Use the 'preferences' to set the weight of your soap bars, liquid soap, etc. This will then give you an accurate pricing as you are creating new recipes.

I think that's about all for the moment. Enjoy the program, I love spending ages messing about with it! If you need any further help, feel free to let me know.