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I thought i had seen them listed on his etsy account before but i could be wrong.......
I've sent him a private message before and he replied.

I had read an old post where he said deer tallow froze well and made nice soap, and since i deer hunt i had to ask.

Least to say this year my dad and hubby thought i was nuts for wanting the tallow off all the deer, not just mine.

So I can't wait to render it and try making soap with it.

But anyways if he misses this thread you can always send him a PM.
Thanks Faithy and Tab! You guys are doing my work. I told Tab, she was a great salesperson for me! Her and Shannan have helped a lot! I've been super duper busy this week, as the orders are really coming in. I can't seem to work enough of fast enough!

Faithy, I love using deer tallow in soap! It makes a really hard, sudsy bar of soap! It's kinda smelly compared to lard or tallow, but the scent goes away and the FO's or EO's come out well. I only use 15 to 20% of the total oils/fats in my recipe.

Well on to other posts! LOL Thanks guys! I did post a new TOG Mold tonight at my Etsy site that is on sale through this Sunday!

Paul... :wink:
White Lye, just click on my signature line link or on my "WWW" link in my signature line also. Maybe some way you got my old web site! :roll: :oops:

Paul.... :wink:
I checked your web site also, and do not see any pictures.
It says you have 17 items for sale, but nothing shows.
Thanks Faithy! :D What are you looking for? I can provide a direct link to it for you! Etsy is quirky some times... :?

Paul.... :wink:
LOL i'm trying to figure out what your using for your reusable liners. But I don't expect you to share your trade secret on that one. LOL

This year I've asked my father to build me some wooden molds. He's a jack of all trades master of none. Years ago he was a machinest, and owned his own shop. Then got a job overseas for an oil company as a machinest for ten years. Quit that to come back to the states and farm of all things. But my parents are buidling and remodeling their second house so and he does awesome woodworking work. So I figured it would be the best thing they could get me for christmas. And I absolutely can't wait !!!!!!

I do have an account on etsy but haven't done a whole lot with it. I tend to stick more to ebay. Why i don't know their sellers fees are crazy!!!! But i'm also getting ready to sell locally in my community as well, so that's a big bonus. (not just soaps but my other bath and body products)

*sigh* so much to do in so little time.........

How's your night going ?

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