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Diana Smith

Jul 10, 2018
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Hello all.

I've been crafting soaps and selling them without insurance. Insurance costs more than I have money for. I keep hoping that I might eventually make enough money as a soap seller to buy insurance but it never seems to be the case. :(

Insofar, this year has been bad. I've tried to make hand sanitizer and only sold one to my father (whom financed my supply purchases). Meanwhile, I'm suddenly finding out that there's 3 other hand sanitizer makers in my village alone. But they don't make soap bars just exclusively hand sanitizer.

So what's up with being a lyricist? Well...
heh, okay so the story goes as a child of about 4 years old I got onto the computer during the early internet age (Compu-Server) and I went over to Great Britian and learned from the rock Legend Freddie Mercury the basics of writing lyrics. Then he found out he had HIV/AIDS from his sexual (gay) partner and he decided to try and scare his fans into practicing safer sex by refusing to take his meds and dying sooner than expected.

Other students whom found out he was gay, dropped him and refused to study under him. But I was 5 at the time and I thought gay, that means he's happy right? I didn't quite understand the logistical meaning. So I continued to study under him until his death around my reaching the age of 8.

Then, after his death, I tried to continue to write for his band Queen, but I failed dismally. I was so saddened by my teacher's death. I'd never had anyone close to me die before. Eventually I just, I moved on and studied under The Righteous Brothers and Aretha Franklin, then a few years later, I moved on and continued my studies under Michael Jackson. Then I ran into some difficulties where someone in politics wanted me dead for my beliefs so I felt I had to quit the online world and leave it all behind. (Even though I was well protected by other political figures) but I didn't know that I was protected and so I fled the online world in '96 and forced myself to forget everything out of fear.

Then in 2018, with Trump's election, I noticed a lot of political stuff going on that was meant for me to handle and me alone to handle and it was being directed at him, so I jumped into the political field, straightened things out and set everything to rights. Since then, I've been secretly advising Trump as his political advisor, because the people who would've been advising him correctly are apparently dead from old age. (I'm their trained replacement, and apparently there's no one else.)

I should be going to Washington DC to advise him, in person because there's a lot of critical stuff I'm missing out on advising him that I should be privy too but I'm not. But I can't afford it. I'm just too **** poor. I keep trying to sell soaps and put lyrics together but it's not doing too well, and putting lyrics together, I'm over 20 years behind with over 100 bands to write for. So I'm preparing stuff for copyrights and trying to get a team member someone who can help me write melodies, I've found 5 possible gentlemen so far but they apparently want to marry me I don't know if/when we'll ever meet with the Covid stuff going on, wish I could find a lady that could write melodies. So that's what I'm doing, and up to.

If anyone wants to offer some advice... I'm listening.


Mar 9, 2017
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SE Denver CO

I've been making and selling soap and other B & B products as a hobbyist since 2004. I never bought insurance. On the advice of our CPA, he said as long as I don't make more than $3,000 per year, I fall in the "Casual Sales" category which is like when you sell your car to someone, or have a garage sale, you don't need to report the income from the sale because neither of those qualify as a business. That was a long time ago and that information may have changed and may be different in your state.

I'm sorry to hear your sales are down due to the current state of affairs. Hopefully, it won't last forever. At first, my sales were primarily to friends & family. I had an annual garage sale the first four years where I always made enough money to pay for supplies for the next year. Garage Sales are happening in various neighborhoods around here. People are wearing masks and keeping social distancing. I think everyone is just happy to be able to get out and about after being shut-ins for so long. Just some food for thought!


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