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Feb 21, 2007
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I just started making lye soap, I have been a soap maker for over 8 years using the M&P. I have really liked it but I have seen that the Lye soap sells much better where I live.
This soap is over 4 months old and has yet to firm up.
The lady I got the recipe from was a soap teacher for 28 years, this recipe was supposed to be fail proof.
The recipe was lost.
What can I do? What has gone wrong?
Please someone HELP!!!!
If it has been four months, don't wait any longer for it! I really don't think it will harden now. THe reason could be alot of different things! Probably the reason is becuase the lye and the oils were mixed at to high a tempature. Another reason could be the essential oils you used, what essential oils did you use? some essentilaoils will make a batch not harden, they could make it seperate as well. The most unlikely case could be your lye is dead. But I don't think so. I typically wait one month for my cp soap to harden and if it isn't hardened by then I toss it. Hope this helps. If you haev any more questions you can post them and I will l try and help you! :)

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