soap with no lye?

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Jan 9, 2008
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my first post..... forgive me but iv never done forums before so bare with me cause im learnin as i go lol

im trying to make a homade batch of soap. iv made soap with premade soap but that defeats the purpose. Id prefer to not use any harsh chemicals wich leads to my question. Do you have to use lye in your soap base? Also does anyone know a safe and good priced supplier for butters, oils, and other materials for homade cosmetics? thanks
Welcome to the forum, glad you found us!

No lye = no soap. Soap is a result of the chemical reaction called saponification that occurs when lye and oils are mixed. Without the lye, you just have oils.

On the up side, if you calculate your recipe correctly and measure and make your soap properly, there will be no lye left in the soap, just a lovely handmade bar of soap.

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