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Jun 29, 2008
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I am looking for a natural way to thicken a liquid soap (like Dr. B's) without success. I have tried to thicken the mixture with glycerin, Cornstarch, even gelitine. but non of these seem to be working for me.
I am 100% new to all this, can anyone help me in giving me a little push in the right direction?
I tried to heat the mixture with the thickening agents, I evenm tried by just heating the thickening agents.
Any suggestions other then "pack it in!" or "purchase some of my stuff" I need to make this for myself for a sense of accomplishment.
I also have allergies to synthetic products, so everything has to be 100% natural and organic.
I don't have an answer for you but I recently read Catherine Failor's "Making Natural Liquid Soaps" and I recommend you read it. I suggest you check your local public library instead of purchasing it. I've got about 15 library books on soaping right now, and they've helped me learn the basic stuff very quickly.

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