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Apr 19, 2019
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This isn’t the most perfect soap I‘ve made, but it’s a good save. This 500 g of oil brine bar batch started with batter at emulsion poured into a divided mold. All was well after the swirl, but after two hours on a heating pad it looked way too shiny (also compared with a couple of batches made from the same MB of oils/recipe and salty lye earlier yesterday). False trace I suppose, which caught me off guard because I start this highish oleic recipe (lard and HOSO) at 120F. What to do, what to do? I am the worst at rescue hp…

Instead, I grabbed my mini stick blender and blended the hot mixture right in the mold. It was quite hard this morning and on the edge of being too hard to stamp. Although I ended up with some air bubbles and the edges are a bit rough, I’m happy enough.

Has anyone else tried this? I think I like the blurred colorant look.