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When I HP soap, alot of the time the outcome varies dramatically. Sometimes it will be beautiful and sometimes it will be ugly. I want to try to figure out how to work-out these kinks.

So, the first one is that sometimes the soap takes FOREVER to cling back together after the first seperation... like today :evil: after an hour of faithful abuse with a paint mixer I've been cooking it on five minute intervals. Any suggestion on why it takes so freakin long say, 45% of the time?

Second is Old Soapy Faithful, the soap geyser. Sometimes, about 3 minutes from the end, the soap will begin to expand and sometimes even overflow. I've learned to curve the expansion so that it doesn't overflow by removing the pot from the base and quickly adding the additives. I know this has to do with heat, but I just didn't think it was so common!

Well, thats all I can think of for now. My recipe is equal parts (1lb) ot Coconut, Palm, Soy Shortening, Safflower, and Almond, 9oz lye, and 1lb 4oz GM.