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Dec 21, 2006
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The way I do it, is to find a friend who is willing to host the party. She invited all of her friends & co-workers, you set up a couple tables of items & people show up & buy your stuff. LOL! If it were only that easy right? Firsy off, if there is alcohol there, people will buy more (clears throat). You can do silly games, maybe pass around scented cotton balls & the person who guesses the most scents right wins a free gift, etc etc. Have lots of things for people to try, maybe everyone soaks their feet in affot soak bucket while you demoa few other things, etc etc. Offer the hostess a free $10.00 gift certifercate fr every $50.00 you sell at the show, etc, etc.


I played a game called "Guess whats wrong"

I had commerical soap bars going around.. they had to look at the label and see what was wrong..

most commerical bars.. do not say "soap" they say mositurizing bar, beauty bar, deorderant. etc..

most time they do not guess, but they learned something :D