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May 12, 2007
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I'm doing a co-op on soaping oils and thought maybe a few might be interested on here. I need your orders by 4.4.08 and that's when I'll start sending out invoices.

Palm Oil RBD $1.10 lb
Palm Kernal Flakes $1.40 lb
Rice Bran Oil $1.27 lb
Coconut Oil 76 $1.26 lb
Olive Oil Pomace $13.75 Gal (1 available)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil $2.60 lb
Castor Oil $17.97 Gal

I accept paypal+fee, google checkout+fee & postal money orders. Shipping will be flat rate or DHL so whichever is cheapest. I'm ordering this locally so no added shipping to the prices. I'm ordering from American Specialty Oil. Prices are current as of 3.10.08, but may change due to market and we all know how the prices have been fluctuating lately. I will let everyone know if anything goes up before I order.

Co-op fee $4 which covers packaging.
Email your order to [email protected]

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