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Feb 20, 2008
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0 first obsession is beekeeping, which means two things: i have a great source of chemical-free beeswax, and nothing to do with myself all winter while the bees are huddled together in their hives.

so i've started experimenting with CP soap, as a value-added hive product to sell along with my honey, and to keep from rattling around the house like a crazy person until spring. i've made a few batches so far, and i'm up to my eyeballs in ideas for future trials. never let it be said i only do things halfway, ha.

i've been poking around this forum for a week or two now, picking up info and looking at photos, and just generally feeding my new hobby/mental illness. hopefully it won't be long before i have some photos of my own worth sharing...
Cool! I would love to bee keep. I'd be making tons of lip balms and using bee wax in CP soap and as a emulsifier along with Borax to make lotions. Welcome to our nice soap forum. :wink:

That's so awesome !!!!

I have a friend who has MS and has just started bee venom therapy and is already starting to see some results from it.

So now even though I have an extreme paranoia about bee's (i've never been stung) I find them amazing because of how they can help people with such a serious diseas like MS. Then just what all the bi-products can be used for with crafting.

PS. My lotions has really helped soften his skin so the bee stings are easier to take. He takes a prescription injection for the MS which also causes the skin to harden and toughen up. So much that he's even bent needles giving himself injections. So that's just one example of the circle of how things work.

But it doesn't take long for soaping to become an obsession and a huge addiction as well.

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