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Wax Munky

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Dec 11, 2007
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I'm collecting all the info and materials to start making my own CP, and HP soaps.

Today I worked with MP. I needed a larger batch then I'd normally need.But not having a TOG mold,I made do with using a Rubbermaid Drawer Separator. It's almost the size and dimensions as Paul's TOG Mold. I'm referring to his "Dual Log" Dimentions.

Length 15"

Width 6"

Depth 21/4"

I lined mine with parchment paper.then poured at my normal temp.It's still curing.

So if all goes well I have a new mold.But it's also brought up a few questions.

Can that mold be used for CP and HP soaps?

If not,.. Why?

Do those really require a lid?

I remember when I bought that liner for all my wax supplies,I paid a $1.50 each.Rite-Aid's dollar days.Well go figure.

:shock: :shock:

I hope you guys can help me with this one..


you DO NOT NEED A LID FOR hp. you NEED A LID, OR COVER WITH PLASTIC AND WRAP IN A TOWEL, FOR A FULL GEL IF DOING cp. Oops, sorry my caps was locked. :oops:

My molds are 3-1/2" wide, inside liner on my log molds.
If your creation works, use it! :)

Paul :wink:
My only mold I use is a rubbermaid drawer organizer 15"x3"x2". I line it with saran wrap and cover it with a piece of saran, also. Then I throw a folded bath towel on top. I get a gel every time. Works well for me!!!!
Pretty much anything can be used as a mold for CP or HP. As long as you can get it out of the mold and you line it (if the soap will react with the mold material), the skys the limit. You may have to play around a bit with insulation for the CP soaping. Some molds require more than others and if you want a gel then you will want to cover the soap.

Have fun rummaging up some unique molds!! Thrift shops can be a gold mine. :D
Thanks everyone :)

My biggest concern was knowing that liner I used is made of plastic.

If it would have a negative reaction to CP,or HP.. But I see I have no worries now, woot! 8)

Thanks again.