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Feb 15, 2017
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Hi, I am looking for some help with the soap dissolving too quickly. I have made a CP olive and coconut oil soap (mostly olive oil)
I have soap that is 1 year old and still dissolves very quickly into glycerine mess.
Is this just the way of CP soaps ? or can I change this ?
I have purchased soap that are supposed to be hand made and 100% olive oil that act more like normal commercial soaps. And some that look very opaque compared and dry feeling to a standard CP soap. Can someone advice me ?
100% olive oil soap seem like normal commercial soaps. They could hot process the soap and use negative SUPERFAT and also salt out soap after its been made. ( to remove glycerin)
Search the forum " DeeAnna, I have a question " there's an ancient Andalusian olive soap recipe using -40% superfat.
Assumed they are not lying about 100% olive oil soap and the olive oil is not adulterated.
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