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Feb 9, 2008
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I'm looking for a new display for my tables.
What I want to find is the cardboard-like boxes that can hold up to approx 20 bars of soap.
If you know where to find these could you please let me know.
I found them before over the internet but have lost the site.
Thanks for any info!
I have a feelin this is something like you're talkin aboutl......


I have nooooo idea where I got this picture from, it was a while ago. I saved the pic to someday build a "real" one like it.
This is what I lucked into, working at big was a display box for wallets and I asked if I could have it. Works perfectly. My daughter decorated the sides and we just drape a swatch of "natural" fabric over it.

Wow, thanks ladies!
These are such great pics and ideas of displays.
I'm actually looking at something more like a box that you can stack soaps into for a display that has a back for a logo on.
I think maybe I've seen votives sold in them....
I was wanting to cover my table with about 6 of these spread out, each with different soaps.
I've seen them before made out of like a hard natural color cardboard...
If I can't find these I will relook at some of the ideas that you all have given already...Thanks so much for your help!!

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