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Nov 25, 2007
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Another question...I am so tired of cutting soap the way I have been. My husband made me a simple contraption of wood. I basically slide the rectangular log of soap to the thickness I want and slice. He even made me a two handled cutting knife! Lots of time and not very accurate.
I've seen box molds w\plexi inserts and I love this concept. Does anyone know how to make one?

So much inspiration at this forum! I am so impressed!
I know it hun- I need too- I have soap and balms to buy from others because I want to try them- but Christmas shopping- ugggg- too much money already spent!
Paul has like 10 molds I want- that's right Paul one of each lol- I wish I could- but I showed them to my fiancee so I might be getting one for christmas and a soap cutter- even after Christmas whatever I just want them! :)
Anyway- glad your site is back up and running- I saw it a few days ago while responding to a post! You have pretty soap I think I like the dragonfly the best! :)
Thanks sweety, that seems to be everyones favorite. I got those molds on Ebay for $3.00

I think I am gonna have to find some more! I only have 2 right now.
There are lots on there- Jody's soap and things or chelseas soap garden have them- they may be a little pricier than 3.00 but not by much... sometimes you've gotta love the prices on Ebay! :)
Soap cutting is the bane of my soapmaking too... :(

I just made a batch of Castile soap, I think I will have my hubby slice it. He is stronger than me and way more of a perfectionist.
I'm with ya sister- same here- containers- fo's etc..- Can't be the container prices on there- I think I got 20 low profile 2oz butter jars for 9.00- lids and all! They may have even been cheaper! :)
She has a stellar mold deal going on too right now- I need to snatch it up on Monday unless I get paid sooner- It's like 20 molds for 38.00- cute ones too- then you get 2 free and 1 can even be a 3 D or tart mold- call me crazy but I think that is a great deal!

Also, maybe my hubby should cut mine! :) Good idea- put him to work!
I order a bunch of stuff from her today! Crap I didn't notice she was havin a dang sale! Well Maybe I will have her add some stuff to my order! Off to shop!! My hubby will kill you now! :)
Jody is on Ebay-
She also has a website-
On Ebay- her store is called Jody's Soap and Creations and her Ebay screen name is soapandthings- if you run a store search put her store name in- and that should pull it up-
Here's an item number this is easier to search- 110108595515- that is a mold set but you can look at her store from there! :)
You'll be pleased if you order from her from either place!