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Equipment For Sale Soap Curing Racks For Sale

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Feb 22, 2016
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I have 11 of these homemade, sturdy soap curing racks. We have had a recent local move and are now facing a cross country move. Stuff has to go! Local pick up only - I will not ship these. I am in the northeastern part of Indiana. PM me if interested.

Dimensions (all are approximate, but very close to what is given):

Width of entire unit ~ 19"
Height of entire unit ~ 14.5"
Depth ~ 15.75"
Distance between shelves ~ 3"
Width of each shelf ~ 16"

Soap Curing Rack 1.jpg
Soap Curing Rack 2.jpg

So sorry! I forgot to give a price :rolleyes:.

$20 each

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