So what are YOUR soapy secrets?

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Jul 9, 2014
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I often use old cereal bags to line my molds, and save ice cream pails and yogurt containers to mix soap and weigh lye into.
Oct 7, 2014
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It never fails... when I decide to make soap - that's the day I have a hang nail or a small cut on a prominent finger like my pointer - or an (insignificant one) like my pinky - that just happens to keep hitting the rim of the bowl which is no doubt covered in soap. And I almost always rinse that f****r out 294 million times in a soaping session. (I hate to wear gloves. I really feel limited... I don't wear gloves house cleaning either).

I sometimes wear flip flops - but I DO have designated soaping shoes, slippers and flip flops - that live in the soap room and nowhere else. (I have a toddler now and I take about a zillion precautions to keep all my soap-related things in one place.)

I decontaminate after an afternoon of soap making - especially if it was a messy disorganized day. (See above: toddler. Definition of decontamination: full shower, change of clothes)

I sometimes don't wash my pots and pans right away - (like as long as a month, depending what's happening in my life) - but I do like to fill them with water to soak. I use a really expensive body wash my Auntie gave me for Christmas to wash my soap dishes...because it's a good super stripper - and sometimes it just gets ALL the oils out.

Don't tell her.

Not soap relevant, but when I make lotions, I scrape the bowls and make my husband moisturize after his shower - and I often save the beaters, spatulas - to collect said scrapings.