So I just discovered firsthand what 'ricing' is :-(

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Jul 21, 2020
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Portland, OR
Just finished a batch but not sure if it'll be a keeper. Moments after adding the FO, the batter formed small lumps all through it. I gave it a quick blitz with the SB, but didn't dare do more than that because it was tracing fast. I went ahead and poured into the mold and did a hanger swirl. Will the lumps be there when I cut the bars tomorrow, or will they disappear into the rest of the soap?

I suppose I should be glad this is my first time encountering ricing, but still not a happy camper right now. :nonono:
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Feb 21, 2022
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YMMV, but i have had both happen. I have not blended enough after it riced and ended up with gross little wet spots of FO, that batch ended up being rebatched... I've also had ricing where i SB to smooth it out with absolutely no hint of any issue. So for me, it depends a lot on how quick to trace the whole batch was and how much i was able to mix it out.

Here is to hoping your soap turns out lovely! 🥂

edit: autocorrect rebatch

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