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May 6, 2015
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I think many of you use Snow Witch FO from Mad Oils. I just got my order, and the pine note seems very forward. I'm just wondering if it is still dominant after cure - if I should add a little piney green color. It's a nice FO by the way. Thanks!
I actually have my oils and lye batched out to soap that one tonight. I agree it is very piney OOB, but it's good to know it mellows out a little.
OOB I was very unimpressed. I was super bummed b/c I'd gotten a 1 lb bottle as part of a deal they had (buy $100 get 1 lb free). I felt it smelled very generically piney. Then I soaped it and WHOA. I am IN LOVE. To me, it is a floral pine. The floral note reminds me of jasmine. And the pine makes it not too sweet and sort of brightens it up.

It does yellow, and I'm kind of irritated about that, b/c I'm trying to get a certain look and I'm struggling with TD spots.