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Feb 11, 2008
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SMF enjoys the reputation of being one of the friendliest, most helpful soap making forums on the net. Thank you for for abiding by the following rules to help keep it that way:

1 - Forum Language: The Soap Making Forum will not tolerate obscene, racist or sexually explicit language. Personal attacks are not permitted. We reserve the right to edit posts which contain offensive words, swearing in any form, including acronyms and remove posts that are abusive, hateful, and/or that defame or insult anyone. We also reserve the right to remove message board posts that are off-topic or not in English.

2 - Threats/Harassment: It is illegal to harass or threaten anyone. We take threats, harassment and stalking very seriously. Posts that might be construed as such may be deleted and made available to the proper law enforcement officials.

3 - Illegal Activities: You may not suggest or encourage illegal activity. will assist law enforcement officials in any investigation of such activities.

4 - Hot Button Issues/Posting At Your Own Risk: Every forum has ‘hot-button’ issues that can elicit a passionate response from amongst the general populace, and SMF is no different. We soap-makers are nothing if not passionate about our craft, and are very protective of it (for very good reason). If you are ever wondering why a seemingly innocent question that you have posted seems to have elicited a passionate response, instead of taking offense and coming out swinging, please click Here to familiarize yourself with a list of our hot-button issues in order to avoid the risk of trouble, and/or of your post/thread being moderated.

5 - Staying On Topic – It is not unusual for a thread to sometimes stray a little, but valid responses to questions that cover points or areas that were not implied in the original question but have an appropriate relationship/connection to it, are allowed, as long as the responses are generally relevant. If the responses are not generally relevant/completely unrelated altogether, it is naturally acceptable for the original poster to steer it back on course or suggest a new thread be started to address the unrelated matters. But if generally relevant answers are being offered, it is considered bad form of the person asking the original question to dictate what the responses should be. Such 'dictatorship' will not be tolerated.

6 - Privacy: You must respect the privacy of others. No posting of phone numbers, e-mail addresses, home addresses, social security numbers or any other private information belonging to another. We discourage users from posting such information even about themselves, as we cannot control how that information may be used beyond our message boards. For example, e-mail addresses can be harvested from public forums and then used by spammers. They can use the addresses to not only send you spam but they can also use your address to hide their identity to send spam to other people. Instead, please use the PM (private message) function of the forum if you wish to exchange your personal information with another.

7 - Usernames: Usernames may not be an email address or URL. Members who sign up with either will have their accounts deleted. Also- you may not employ usernames that are offensive, that suggest illegal activities, or that are meant to imitate other users, companies or products. Any such names will be blocked from posting on our message boards.

8 - Multiple Identities/User Accounts: You may have only ONE identity on this forum, and only one person can use an account. Multiple accounts will be frozen or deleted and users will be banned.

9 - Profile Signatures: Profile signatures linked to personal sites for self promotion will be limited to two and must be placed in the designated ‘Profile Signature’ area. ‘Sign-off’ links in the text area of a post are not allowed. All extra links will be deleted. Font size cannot be larger than the default font size formatted for the SMF site and all lines must be of the same color. Banners are not allowed.

10 - Avatars: Avatars should be within propriety boundaries which are acceptable for viewing by all age groups. Offensive avatars will be deleted.

11 - Font Etiquette: Please do not use all caps in posts or signature lines. This is considered bad forum etiquette as many take this to be "shouting". Also- please avoid writing your entire post with all-bolded and/or all-colored text- they are difficult for many to read. However, having certain parts of your text bolded and/or colored in order to show emphasis is acceptable. Lastly, please refrain from changing the forum’s default font from Verdana while posting. Other fonts may be prettier, but many members have found fonts other than Verdana to be difficult to read and have confessed to skipping over/avoiding reading such posts. As a result, posts using fonts other than Verdana may be subject to being edited back to Verdana by our ModMin team based on readability.

12 - Advertisements (either members or suppliers): Advertisements are allowed in our Classifieds Forum section only. Click on the appropriate subforum heading that pertains to you and read the Rules stickies therein before posting. Any posts in violation of the stated rules will be deleted. If you are selling to members of the forum, contact a mod or admin to help you become a Sponsor of the forum.

13 - Product Endorsements: According to the Revised FTC Endorsement and Testimonial Guidelines any association between an endorser and a company must be stated in all posts which refer to a product or products. Examples of this are a person who is an affiliate, is given free product, is financially compensated for endorsement, is related to an employee/owner or is an employee/owner of the company. Frequently asked questions about the FTC revision can be found Here

Any post made which endorses a product or company where the person has an association but does not reveal it will be deleted. Banning of the person's account may also occur.

14 - Supplier Reviews: Disrespect of suppliers will not be tolerated. While everyone has the right to post experiences with suppliers, both favorable & not, it shall be done in a professional manner free from insult.

15 - No Spamming. Such posts will be removed and you may be blocked from using our forum. To be clear, posting with the intent to sell your wares outside of the appropriate sub-forum area and without obeying the specifically stated sub-forum rules is as much spamming as those lovely posts with links to watches, cell phones, etc..

16 - No Soliciting: Posting with the intent of soliciting donations or funds from members is forbidden, as is soliciting of members for company business, including hiring, formulating recipes to purchase and anything regarding commercial soap making businesses. Links to sites who are soliciting donations are not allowed. Posts with any such content will be deleted.

17 - No Flouncing: "I'm leaving" posts are not allowed and will be deleted. Should you wish to leave the forum simply go. Go now. Leave already... just leave and don't look back.

18 - Warnings and Banning: SMF has a Warning Points system in place where each breach of the forum rules will earn warning points against your name. Once a critical number of warning points have been accumulated against your name, it will result in an automatic, but temporary ban for a cooling off period. If, once you are let back in you continue to disregard the rules or good etiquette, your ban will be permanent.

We want to keep this forum a place members feel safe to ask questions, share what they have learned without fear of ridicule.

So let's work at keeping this place friendly.

19 - Supplemental Rules/Restrictions: Certain sub-forums having to do with sales and swaps located in our Business Forum section and in our Classifieds Forum section have special, supplemental rules and restrictions that must be followed and met before one is allowed to post in those specific areas. This is for the protection of our forum and our membership. The sub-forums of these 2 specific sections that contain supplemental rules will have a special Sicky located near the top of the first page, just below the Announcements area. Please open the Sticky up and read the rules/requirements before posting in that particular sub-forum. All posts made that don't meet the stated requirements for that specific sub-forum will be deleted.

20 - Comments Regarding Above-stated Rules: Any or all disrespectful, offensive or questionable comments regarding any of the above points will not be tolerated and will result in that thread/comment being edited or deleted by the Moderating Team without further reference to the member.

21 - Disclaimer: You participate in these craft forum discussions at your own risk. takes no responsibility for the content or opinions posted on this forum.

Thank you for your cooperation- The SMF ModMin Team
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