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Mar 18, 2015
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This is the official entry thread. Please post your official entries here. This will be open until midnight CST on the last day of the challenge. Please refrain from commenting on pictures here. All comments can (and are encouraged) to be made on the challenge discussion thread.

There are 2 rules for this challenge:

1. You must have some whipped soap present.

2. Your soap must float.

Pictures I need in the entry thread:

I need to see a picture of your soap floating in water in the challenge entry thread. You don't have to show me a full size piece of soap floating; it can be an end piece or a part of a bar. However, it must be representative of your soap. That means if you used a mix of soap types (whipped and non-whipped) your floating soap picture must contain both parts. If you used multiple fragrances/colors, all should be present in the floating soap picture. The reason is because even the tiniest bits of whipped soap float. Its due to density and the ability for the soap to float will not change with a bigger (or smaller) bar.

I also need to see a picture of your soap out of the water (it makes it easier to see and appreciate.)
I guess I'll go first! Here's my floating soap. My first attempt at an ombre design. Scented with WSP orchid & pink amber colored with MO flirt pink mica and TD.


After floating Peeps, we now have floating rocks! My inspiration was the two reddish and one dark gray granite pebbles in the pics. I brought them back years ago as vacation souvenirs.

Soap is a high lard recipe with a modest amount of coconut oil and a dab of castor. Scent is Nature's Garden Green Tea FO + Sweetgrass FO in a 50:50 mixture. The soap was made as a normal CP bar soap. I shredded a couple of bars and melted the soap until it got warm enough to puff up and create the floating-soap base. I separated the soap into halves and added a little black oxide to one half to turn it a light gray and a little more to the other half to turn it a darker gray. I roughly mixed the two together to create an ITP swirl. Next I folded in room temperature shreds of the same soap and plopped the mixture into a mold. After the soap cooled and firmed up, I cut the bars and hand-formed the "rocks" from the scraps. The rocks float just like the bars do.

P1020271 700.jpg

P1020274 700.jpg

P1020275 700.jpg

P1020279 700.jpg
I don't have a glass bowl. I was going to use my coffee pot, but there's coffee in it. So the soap was swimming in my sink. You can tell it's floating because it has a shadow. I am proud of this soap. It looks pretty much how I pictured it. It is my first shot at the whipped soap and I didn't need to make another batch.

ETA: I really need to buy a camera!! These were taken with my iPad.



This will be my only try for the challenge. (Came back from vacation with a lot of life piled up.) The recipe was lard, coconut oil and shea butter. I wanted to try lemon essential oil to see if it would stick better. The fragrance is still present, but getting faint. I expect it will be virtually gone by the time the soap fully cures.

Whipped Soap Challenge 001.jpg

Whipped Soap Challenge 002.jpg

Whipped Soap Challenge 003.jpg
Here is my entry. I used a high lard recipe with My Main Squeeze FO and pink grapefruit EO with a hanger swirl. I wish I had time for another try. I'm a fan of hard bars with clean edges so I'm not sure how I feel about this technique. I'm glad I got to try it, though, and can't wait to use a bar.

It floats.jpg

whipped soap.jpg
My soap did float, but could not support elvis and all the extras (they sunk like a rock). I realize it isn't part of the challenge, but it was fun to learn new techniques. I'm thrilled with my new wire cutter from Smith Creek studio, I've never had uniform soap. Thanks for the challenge, whipped soap is definitely a keeper.




Well here it is, it floats at least!

Scented with Yuzu which I know is a fast mover. Had hoped would be ok in this but still caused me trouble!!

I will be trying this technique again very soon and hopefully with more success.

ImageUploadedBySoap Making1458926869.697589.jpg
ImageUploadedBySoap Making1458926898.809125.jpg


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These were scented with Nurture Juicy Apricot. The horrible boo faces on the bars were supposed to look like little peaches. Umm, yeah. I had a ton of air pockets since I was afraid to pound my mold for fear of losing whippy-ness. The cupcakes were an afterthought (why only one has a cherry on top). I liked the way they came out better than the bars other than the bases which again suffered from my fear of pounding the mold.

What really impressed me about the technique is how white my batter got. This batch actually had AO - so pretty greenish compared to my normal recipe. I didn't use any colorant on the white portion at all! Piping was pretty fun; I might do a regular soap for my base and pipe with whipped soap the next time I do cupcakes.


This is a bar floating on the left and my MP cherry-topped cupcake on the right. Sorry I don'
t have any clear glass bowls.

Mine are an all-veggie recipe (50% palm, 20% CO, 15% Avo, 10% MB, 5% Castor), scented with NG's Georgia Sunrise. I colored it with Nuture's pink, orange, and yellow micas. I wasn't afraid to pound out air pockets... but they still wouldn't pound out. lol Pink and orange got an ITP swirl, and I used a cut-up TP roll to pipe yellow into the center of individual round molds, then piped the pink/orange around it. Once it was all piped in, I used a chopstick to swirl.

I ended up with way more soap than would fit in that mold, so I piped it into my spare mini brownie silicone mold.


They didn't work out as planned. I was only able to swirl one end of the log mould before it was too solid. I've shown the two that swirled. The one in the bowl is what it looks like unswirled! I used lard, CO, OO, Mango Butter & castor oil. It's scented with Engish Rain FO and coloured with micas. I thoroughly enjoyed making them, but not cleaning up. I made such a mess!

I loved working with the fluffy puffy batter. I also liked using smaller amounts of oil. I boldly used up a mystery FO that I was afraid to use in a regular soap, and that was cool too. Too bad I wasn't too creative this month; I didn't do the technique justice. But I still had a lot of fun with it, and I like my Martian volcano. Thanks for the challenge!


whipped volcano.jpg

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