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Mar 21, 2022
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Hello from Adelaide SA Australia! After 3 decades of absence from making my first lemon 🍋 soap, my mum found a long lost single bar. She raved about how soft her hands ✋️ were after using it, and asked why I don't make more. My incentive came when my Goddaughter announced her engagement and I enthusiastically offered to make her wedding favor soaps 🧼. I seriously wondered 🤔 what moment of insanity made me do that because I totally lacked confidence. But with encouragement from various different soap groups, I produced a M&P Choc Mocha Milk Mint soap AND a Boronia Rose 🌹 3 tier soap with love heart and rose buds. Wrapped in lace, decorated and tagged, the guests SERIOUSLY all said the were Smellbinding and Good to Eat! Washing one's mouth out with soap brings out a new experience!

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