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Nov 25, 2015
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Melbourne, Australia
Hi All,
Just wondering if anyone can clear up some questions on SLSA. I'm finding information difficult to find. I'm am looking for facts on the use of SLSA and it's effects on human skin. I don't want opinions, or stories or anything like that, I'm looking for studies on long term effects on us and on the environment etc. I don't suppose anyone has links that they can suggest? Or hard data that they can share?

Sorry I know, I'm being super technical here, but I want to know more about it before I go putting it into any products.:think:
From what I understand some products work best using SLSA, but until I know more about it I don't want to use it. One product I was considering is Bubble Bars (love my baths) and the tutorials I've seen all say SLSA is awesome and they just don't work without it. I take that with a grain of salt, but research I have done suggests it might be the best option.

But try to find a MSDS anywhere...Ahh!

I should note I've found MSDS from the US, but the regulations would/could be different in Australia.
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I can tell you that it is considered natural as it is derived from Coconut and Palm. It's a safer alternative to SLS. However, you do need to be very careful if you do deicide to use it as it's extremely fine and easily airborn and can irritate your nose. I wear a particle mask just to be careful. It is know to be safe even for sensitive skin unlike SLS which is pretty harsh. Of course some could still be sensitive but less likely.

I use it in bath bombs (when I can get them to work) as well as bubble bars.

Here is an MSDS for it that I found, not a whole lot of info though.
Here is a great source that compiles most of the studies into small headers that are easy to look though:

After each explanation/summary, a source is given so you can see the full article. Of course, you need to pay to read the articles in full. But, at least you can read the abstacts and see where/how the studies were preformed to asses the validity.

I've read that bubble bars must use SLSA b/c SLS or other detergents don't produce as big and frothy bubbles. SLSA is also purportedly less irritating to the skin. You cant use "soap" (alkali salts of fatty acids) in bubble bars because it wont produce big bubbles and has problems with hard water.
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