Silk soap getting bluer!

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Jul 16, 2022
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Vermont USA
I thought perhaps I was getting just a little crazier (which is hard). I made a test batch of CP soap in late Sep 2022 with a little dissolved black silk fabric. The batter was initially gray. A few days later it seemed to have a slight blue cast to it. I just figured my mind was playing tricks or the lighting had changed how I saw the soap's color.

I made a second test CP batch a couple of days ago. This time, I added some milk and TD, just to see what would happen. Again, the batter looked gray, initially. Today, it seemed a very pale blue. I cut the soap in half and found something unexpected. The outer layer was slightly bluer! Just below that thin layer, the soap was still gray.

I had read some vanilla-scented soaps slowly brown over time. It seems some silk dyes might also change color over time. Anyone else experience this? I wish I could learn about the chemical reactions that cause this. Gotta do some deep digging.

First two photos are of the CP soap from a couple of days ago. If you look closely along the edge, you might see the color difference.
The last two photos are from the CP I did back in late Sep. There is a span of a couple weeks between the two photos. The darker blue soap is the one I washed my hands with a couple of times. So cool!


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