Silicone mold staining my soap lol

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Jul 19, 2019
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Cloud District
A while ago I bought some cylinder shaped silicone molds to make soap. I just really love cylinder shaped soap for some reason. They are brown in color and was intended for baking. I've use MP soap with it before and had no problem with it.
However, I decided to make a batch of CP soap with it last month. The soap has herb powders in it so when the surface of the soap turned bright orange I thought it was just the herb being weird(Chinese honey locust anyone?).


100% CO soap with Chinese honey locust

This weekend I made another batch of soap. I was using a square mold but the batch was bigger than I thought so I pulled out the cylinder mold to use. There is no herb in this batch. The soaps are pure white when I unmolded from the square mold. Nothing wrong there. When I unmolded the cylinder ones, however, they have bright orange splotches on the them.

soap with no herb

This is when I realized this silicone mold in particular is staining my soap!
Which is really a shame since the shop I bought the mold from has a line of baking molds that I'd love to use as multi-cavity mold but they are all made of the same brown silicone!

Guess I will stick to MP with this mold and maybe use pipes for a cylinder shape......
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Apr 18, 2017
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I use 8 cell silicon moulds like brownie moulds. Some are brown and one is red. The brown ones were ok but the red mould did stain for the first few uses. It doesn't any more. But the stains I got were just a bit of pink on the very surface not the deep colours you have there. It may stop staining in time like mine, but how much weird coloured soap are you prepared to keep making to test this theory!
Jun 18, 2013
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Idaho, USA
My first soap was made in a red silicone loaf pan. It came out looking like a block of cheese.
I tossed the mold and won't ever buy red or bright colors again. Especially if the mold is made for food.

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