Shipping woes (not the usual ones)

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Jun 8, 2020
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Yeah.. unfortunately since the pandemic especially, amazon hires what you could call delivery mercenaries lol. Meaning they aren’t full-fledged employees per se, and nobody is getting vetted. My bf went to apply at the local warehouse and saw people in their literal pajamas at a hiring event. I’m not saying all workers and drivers are wild cards, but it can depend on where your warehouse is located as to the uh… quality of service you get.

My misfortune is living in a second story of an apartment building. I hear the delivery people huff up the stairs and throw my boxes down outside my door. :(
The things that ppl think is ok to show up for an interview in.

I was a supervisor at my old job. We had so many applications for one opening, I was discarding any app that didnt have good grammar, or worse…”text speak” …”I wld luv to wrk at your hosp bc its a rly good…” Seriously??!! COVER LETTERS like that. You just spent 30k on school and this is how you present yourself, not interested in speaking with you lol.

And I know we are in Florida, but applicants showing up in flip flops is a no, let alone in jammies, which i never had.


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Mar 20, 2022
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I dunno. I'm keeping an eye on amazon. Three packages of castor oil, lost or whatever. They promptly refunded my money when I disputed it, then I ordered from a different company and it was delivered next day. I hate to blame the seller because it said that it was delivered by amazon, or am I misunderstanding what being delivered by amazon means? I assume the product is at their warehouse and is packed and shipped from there, and as such, having nothing to do with the seller.
Delivered by Amazon are what we call FBA products (I have been a 3rd party seller on Amazon for 7 years). Merchants like me can either fulfill orders ourselves or ship products to Amazons warehouse and have them box it and ship it for us (FBA). The problem with FBA is 1. They don't care if it is a fragile item. 2. Amazon does not hold up to their own selling requirements. Exp: I get an order I MUST ship within a certain period and it MUST be delivered when promised. Amazon Prime is a joke now. There is no more 2 day delivery for FBA. I have recently put my store on Vacation mode because of the issues. So when you leave a review, even if Amazon screwed it up it counts against the seller. There is Feedback (regarding the seller) Product Review (should only be about the product). When a product is fulfilled by Amazon and they don't deliver it is 100% on Amazon and not the seller. Once in the warehouse it is completely out of our hands.
I too have made a few purchases recently because I needed product ASAP and twice had Amazon mark it as "undeliverable".