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Jun 28, 2021
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I have an online friend up in Manitoba (I'm in the US) who is going to send me a package of her raw cashmere to spin as long as we can figure out if it will get through customs okay. In return, I would love to offer her some of my goatmilk soap. Is it legal to send soap into Canada? If so, should I package it in such a way that customs will be able to see the physical bars? I was planning on maybe just wrapping them in tissue paper and stickering them shut, but maybe I should forgo the stickers so they don't have to be ripped open? I've never shipped anything internationally so I'm prepared if these are all very naïve questions. 😅 Any recommendations for packaging would be appreciated.
I have shipped soaps to Canada and didn’t need to do anything special other than making sure the soaps were protected, I think some were in boxes And some in cigar bands because back then I was not boxing everything yet. I made sure to fill out the customs declaration accurately.

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