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I had gotten this recipe from another forum. Here is the original recipe and the link: (scroll down)

Mint Cream Hair Dressing

approximately 16 oz jar
8 oz raw shea butter
4 oz olive oil
4 oz castor oil
2 tbs ginger mint herb tea
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper (optional)
30 drops peppermint essential oil

In a double boiler slowly, gently melt shea butter. While butter is melting, add herb tea to olive oil and heat in double boiler for about 20 minutes - enough time to infuse oil with the essence of the tea. Strain through cheesecloth or a coffee filter and set aside. Combine melted shea butter, infused olive, and castor oil. Stir in peppermint essential oil (and cayenne pepper, if you desire - good scalp stimulant in small quantities) and set aside, allowing to cool. After mixture solidifies, you may use a hand mixer to make it creamier. It's now ready to use! Contributed by Michelle - Virgin Gorda Bath Shop Georgia, USA

The person on the other forum said she used this as a conditioner except you have to shampoo it out.
My rendition The amounts are divided into fourths because I only wanted to try a small bit:
old shampoo bottle
4 oz raw shea butter
2 oz olive oil
2 oz castor oil
.5 ml Lavender EO
.5 ml Patchouli EO

I melted only a portion of the shea butter and blended it with the rest in the kitchen aid. I tried to do it whipped style, but realized that it wouldn't work because of the ratio :roll: . Ok, its late here, I need a shower, I do ditsy stuff at times like this. :oops: :lol:


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Jan 15, 2007
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that sounds interesting and I have dry kinky curly hair so that might work for me! let me know how it comes out.


It worked perfectly for my thick, wavy hair. I just used a little bit, like the size of a quarter, for each side then shampooed it out. I make my own liquid shampoo also and now my shower routine is completely natural!


I am going to try this thanks. :) We have very thick hair (African-American) Very dry hair.

I am also going to infuse Rosemary and add Rosemary and Tea Tree EO as well..


That would be great. I used it after I first made it and it was pretty liquid, but I just looked at it and it has solidified some-what. It is still runny enough to put in an old shampoo bottle.

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