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Nov 16, 2006
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When I go to the link for pure and natural, it's a Chinese exercise webpage....

But like you mentioned above, the original post is 11 years old.
This post is over 11 years old. That may be the problem. Please don’t pull up old posts. It’s better to start a new one and link to this of its pertinent. The OP hasn’t been here in some time.
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Some SMF history for context as to why this thread was started.......Mandy, the opening poster of this this thread used to be the owner/originator of SMF...and also of Pure & Simple Soaps, which were somewhat of a combined/connected venture way back when SMF was brand new. She sold the forum some years back and hasn't been around in quite some time now.

I will remove the outdated links and lock this thread. If anyone wants to post their recipes, just start (or startle, lol) a new thread in the Recipe section.

IrishLass :)
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