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Aug 27, 2007
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I'm looking into getting a shampoo base that I can play with for just me. I have no interest in selling shampoo ;)

What bases are the best? I know MMS has sample sizes, but I'm not making an order from there any time soon...

If it helps, my hair is long, thick, blonde, somewhat damaged from a perm last year, can get oily and get fly-aways. I ride horses, so it gets broken from helmets and ponytail holders.

Any suggestions on additives?
Bramble Berry has a GREAT shampoo base. I had a sample once and fell in love with it...but like all shampoos, full of the chemical stuff...
if you want to actually make your shampoo rather than buying an unscented already made base, try (Stepan Mild LSB) SODIUM LAURYL SULFOACETATE/ DISODIUM LAURETH SULFOSUCCINATE lathers great, is super mild & about as natural a surfactant as you can get ( derived from sugar & palm ??? I think??) you can find this at TDF very reasonably priced - here is a direct link : ... gory_id=35 ..other suppliers also carry it ...make sure to check out their formularies for help with your formula
I see a lot of formulas that start with a castile liquid base that you can use to personalize it for your needs.

I guess the castile 'base' would basically be a liquid soap a shampoo it would depend on your hair type ( me hairdresser :wink: ) ...not usually good in chemically treated hair - the base I mentioned above is very natural although the chemical names sound scary, it is derived from natural ingredients, conatins no sulfates & is baby mild: it's just as natural as the ( premade?) base from ND- the Decyl Glucoside & Cocamidopropyl Betaine in this base are excellent natural surfactants as well & the C.Betaine really helps to stabilize the foam's a great secondary surfactant & works well to boost the foam action of most primary surfactants, such as the one in this premade base from ND, or the one I mentioned above - looks like a great base ...the fun thing about making it yourself is you get to choose the nutrients! I like to add pathenol, milk or oat protien & calendula extract ...of course I guess that could be done w/ a liquid soap or you could simply add your chosen nutrients to a premade base ...
Yea! I finally found the answer to a question I've been wondering for days!

I've been trying to find out if there is a way I can scent my own volumizing shampoo. I think the answer is (kind of) yes . . . See if this sounds right to you:

If I get a shampoo base
Heat it to less than 120
Add Oat powder and maybe panthenol
remove heat
Add 1% fragrance
rebottle and cool

Than I theoretically end up with volumizing shampoo, provided I can figure out how to get the additive proportions right.

Conversely if anyone out there makes a good volumising shampoo I may be interested . . . I just hate not having some control of my scents. ;)

Oat powder is also listed as oat flour. Is there a difference between the cosmetic additive and the baking material?