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Oct 21, 2010
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NW Wisconsin
I've never been a fan of CP shampoo bars because immediately they'd leave my hair all dried out & straw-like. So I only used Syndet bars and never looked back.
But a post Lindy made here helped me see the error of my ways.

So, I just want to thank Lindy for giving me that "duh" moment so I could create a shampoo bar that I've only used once, but I love it already. I imagine that after some cure time, it's going to feel so much more lovely.
I used it this morning and there was absolutely no "stripping" feel to it & it felt so conditioning that I used it on the rest of my body as well :) My brush went right through my hair and now it feels so silky & smooth.

I'm feeling so good about it, I'm going to share the recipe I created:
Water as percent of oil weight: 35%
Superfat: 6%

Avocado Oil: 30%
Castor Oil: 10%
Olive Oil: 40%
Shea Butter: 10%
Soybean Oil: 10%

I infused chamomile in all my oils, not in the shea though. Plus I use a TBSP of sugar in my water for added bubbles.

For scent, I used Tea Tree EO, Peppermint EO & Lavender EO at a 1:1:1 ratio.

If anyone decides to try it, please let me know how you feel about it.

That looks very interesting. I love the high conditioning factor.

You will have to let us know how the bar does after cure! I have been thinking of trying my hand at a shampoo bar, and have some nettles infusing into olive oil for that purpose at the moment.
Genny I am so thrilled that you tried it again and like it! It's one of those "ah hah' moments isn't it. Especially once you've used it for awhile. I sold out of all my shampoo bars a week and a half or so before Christmas and Save-On Foods has sold out of the beer shampoo bars already too.

Congrats on your new recipe!
Genny -

It's so nice of you to share this recipe! I've never been interested in making a shampoo bar because I have fine, thin hair. However, I might try a really small batch and see if my niece would be interested in trying it. She's one of the lucky family members who has thick hair.
Thanks you guys, I hope everyone who tries it likes it.

Wow, Lindy, glad to hear you sold out :)

Hazel ~ I have really super-fine, thin hair as well. My kids all have super thick hair though. Once the shampoo bar cures I'm going to let my oldest daughter use it to see how she likes it.
I've been using a shampoo bar for about 6 weeks and I love it as do my testers (friends!). I'm definitely going to try Genny's and then compare - always lookin for ways to improve recipes. I'll post mine in case anybody else wants to try it as well. I have fine hair - I wash it every other day. If I go a third day it's oily at the scalp. I do color my hair with a wash-out color but since I've been using a shampoo bar I haven't needed to color - that's been the most amazing part to me. I have a lot less hair in the comb now too. I do use a leave-in vinegar rinse that's 3 parts water, 1 part vinegar. At first I used it every time but now I use it once a week or so.

Avocado oil 24.5%
Castor oil 24.5%
Coconut oil 24.5%
Olive oil 24.5%
Jojoba oil 2.1%
I haven't done a vinegar rinse when using this soap & it's been going great.

Hausfrau ~ If you don't have soybean oil, you can just leave it out & up the other oils. I'm thinking for my next batch, I might leave out the soybean & increase the castor.
Could I sub out the avocado oil with rice bran oil? Do you think that would turn out okay?
Congratulations on your successful shampoo bar!

So did you HP the batch? and is it a hard bar( I know it has to cure but still curious:smile)
Do you need a vinegar rinse after using the shampoo bar?

I've read a lot of the recipes call for one. I would definitely not want to do that to my hair. The smell...yuck!

Is it the avocado that makes it better for hair as opposed to other soaping oils?

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