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Selling a bunch of Gemlite FO's to a Candler or MP soaper

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Jan 20, 2018
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not for FB to know
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https://www.gemlite.com/page/az <--- scent descriptions on their site and also you can see price list.
I bought a bunch of FO's from Gemlite, which is mainly a candle supplier.
I make Salt bars, a Lot. and these are just not working for me.
They morphed in my Salt bars, but were fine in MP :smallshrug:

Hoping there is a Candler or MP soaper (worked fine in MP) that can use these. I can not say/guarantee how well they will work in CP so if you buy you are on your own.

*** I am hoping to sell several bottles at a time, I will not be shipping 1-2 bottles as I don't think it would
be worth the price to you.
** If you are in 100 miles of me (zip 01803, Burlington MA) I could deliver, or meet you at no charge.

I still have to see how much is left in some, but most are almost a full 16 oz
This is my list and what it smells like to me OOB.

Winter Snow=ok, peppermint , ribbon candy smell (for those that are old enough to remember) -> I may keep this-
Watermelon= ok
Violet=Good, Floral
Rustic Citrus=Like but smells a bit like pine sol to me which I kinda like.
Rain=nice clean, cotton
Pina Colada= ok no coconut smell but fruity
New Mown hay=ok ? not like cut grass or anything, at least to me
Peach Petals=nice, green, but chemical smell at first but when I made a sniffie is was nice.
Mountain Air=good, balsam notes
Mango Tango=good, fruity drink, citrus/sweet
Mango=nice-I may keep
Fresh & Clean=nice
Clean Cotton=spot on
Beach Breeze= nice
Apple Macintosh=apple not too sweet
Cool Summer Night=good, slight powdery scent
Palm =Really nice, floral, tropical flower, light
VIXEN= LOVE it ! Floral, Musk, pumpkin (?)