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Nov 16, 2006
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My husband and I have been so busy with kids we haven't seen a movie in ages. Anyone seen anything good lately? I don't even know what's out anymore.
I saw a night at the museum the other night. It was entertaining.

Also the movie pursuit of happyness was pretty good.
I rented School for Scoundrels (funny) and Science of sleep (weird, but I really liked it) last night. I enjoyed them both.
I rented Open Water 2 over the weekend. It was good, but sad. It's was kind of stressfu just to watch it. I don't think it's something I could watch a second time.
My hubby can't wait to see that.

We saw Wild Hogs on the weekend. It was the funniest movie I have seen in ages, plus you just can't beat John Travolta on a Harley!!
I saw Blood Diamond at the dollar theaters last night. I liked it. It was a little long though.
Well...let's see...
Since I live vicariously through my children, I guess this will count. I took my 17 yo son to see the movie "300" this past weekend, and HE loved it. He told me how it went, and I loved the parts he told me, so in a round-about way, you could say I saw the movie too. :lol:

How's THAT for a stretch? LOLOL
I saw blades of glory . . . . it had it's funnt moments, but not really my kind of movie. I saw it with my brother and his kids.
Haven't seen any lately but can hardly wait for Pirates of the Caribbean
III next month.