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Jan 6, 2023
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Smithfield, VA
I am new to the soapmaking/cosmetic world and am looking for a solution to sanitize the cosmetics containers, specifically small spray bottles for Body and Linen spray. I have read the posts about sanitizing but still have concerns.

For my first attempt, I soaked the bottles and spray stem in 5% bleach solution, then let air dry upsidedown. Now, I stressing out that there may be bleach residue in the container that will turn or contaminate the oil and fragrance.
I have the same concerns with the highly recommended StarSan. I would love to just put them through the dishwasher and then Steam them with a cleaning steamer, not a clothes steamer, so there is nothing that might react to the contents of the bottle or put something bad (bleach) on someone's skin.
Am I overthinking this? What should I do to be a responsible creator???
Hello salt-water-soap! You may be overthinking things. I make lots of body & linen sprays and have never sanitized my bottles and sprayers. I do sanitize other things such as lotion-making stuff, but never my sprays since I use alcohol as my dilutent in those. Star San is my go-to sanitizer for the things I do sanitize. I let it completely dry after soaking, and to date it has never left any detrimental stuff behind.

IrishLass :)
Most commercial manufacturers do not sanitize bottles and packaging before use. They just buy good quality packaging from reputable manufacturers and keep it clean before use. Unless packaging has been stored poorly (in dirty or damp conditions) in most instances there is no need to sanitize. The preservatives in your product can usually deal with any minor microbial contamination that might occur. You could get the filled products tested to double check.

If you are unsure about how your packaging has been stored I would just spritz or rinse with ethanol or isopropyl alcohol as these dry quickly.
I always spray all of my bottles and containers with 70% alcohol and let them air dry upside down. But I work in chemistry lab so I have access to pure ethanol, which makes it easy. Hand sanitazers don't work as those tend to have more ingredients than just water and ethanol.